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SMS Marketing for eCommerce

Set up SMS campaigns and automated test message marketing for direct communication with shoppers.

Why SMS Marketing?

Add automated SMS marketing to your strategy and promote sales, new products, events, and other updates right on subscribers' phones. Leverage custom keyword campaigns and automation so you can send the right messages at the right time, increasing engagement and results. 

SMS is a proven marketing channel that is popular among consumers and especially attractive to younger audiences. A recent study reported that SMS engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email, and 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds. Using SMS as part of a coordinated marketing strategy increases the likelihood of customers receiving your message. In fact, most customers prefer to receive messages about loyalty/rewards programs and other promotions via SMS. If SMS isn’t a part of your marketing outreach, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity – 75% of consumers like to receive information from text messages.

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How Automated
Text Marketing Works

Get started by creating a custom keyword in three easy steps and launching an opt-in campaign. Once a subscriber signs up for your messaging, Springbot handles the heavy lifting of recording consent automatically so you never have to worry. After that, it’s time to implement SMS Marketing into your brand strategy. Leverage our easy-to-use builder to launch one-off sends, or create automations that send based on customer behavior for more timely and personalized communications.

Custom Keyword

Choose your keyword for SMS and set up your description for the type of content you want to communicate – alerts, promos or updates, for example. Additionally, select how often you will be contacting your subscribers via this keyword list.

SMS Keyword
SMS Compliance

Compliance Settings

Choose a contact method for customer support and submit the URL for your store’s Privacy Policy. This ensures that your SMS communication is in line with standard compliance settings.

Auto Reponse

Set up an auto-reply that sends to subscribers who text your keyword to join. You are able to use unique coupon codes in this instance and other words that fit your branding. It’s important to keep this message clear and concise with a direct call to action.

Auto response

Increase Sales with
SMS Marketing for eCommerce

With SMS achieving an average of 95% open rates, 36% click-through-rates and 30% conversion rates, it's a no--brainer to include in your marketing strategy.  With Springbot, we make this a seamless experience for both you and your customers.