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Jan 28, 2021

Non-Holiday Holidays to Mark on Your 2021 Marketing Calendar

Non-holiday holidays can be a fun excuse to reach out to your audience, giving your marketing calendar a boost throughout the year.

Sure, holidays like Valentine’s Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving are beloved celebrations, but why should mainstream holidays get all the love? 

In the age of social media, “non-holiday” holidays like Bring Your Pet to Work Day and National Coffee Lovers Day are a fun way to interact with your followers and show a bit of your brand’s unique personality. They also present a compelling opportunity to run promotions and other marketing campaigns without getting overshadowed by the crush of competitor activity that exists on huge marketing days like Black Friday. 

With this in mind, get out your sharpie–it’s time to mark your 2021 calendar for some of the most creative, interesting and meaningful non-traditional holidays that are coming up in the year ahead. 


January 19: International Popcorn Day

Popcorn in

Photo by PdPics

Stovetop or microwave? Sweet or savory? There are endless ways to prepare this classic snack. Get creative and show your followers your team’s favorite popcorn toppings to mark the occasion. 


January 21: National Compliment Day

Spread some love by paying compliments to a handful of your VIP customers via a photo shoutout on social media. 


February 7: Super Bowl Sunday

It’s been a football season for the record books, with delays, cancellations, and last-minute lineup changes becoming par for the course thanks to Covid-19. Still, Super Bowl Sunday is sure to be a major social media event. Get in on the action with some fun game-themed promotions or live Tweet about your favorite commercials. 


February 19: National Pizza Day

Customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Host a pizza party for your staff and share pics, inviting followers to weigh in on their favorite pizza toppings. 


March 5: Employee Appreciation Day

Your employees are one of your greatest assets. Recognize them and build goodwill for your brand with a staff spotlight on social media. 


March 8: International Women’s Day

This holiday celebrates the social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women around the world. If you have a female founder or support causes that advance women’s issues, this is a perfect opportunity to tell your followers more about them. 


April 16: Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

Contests are a great way to generate social media buzz and capture email addresses for future remarketing. Invite your followers to submit photos of their wackiest PJ getups for the chance to win a prize. 


April 22: Earth Day

It’s increasingly important to customers to support brands that give back. On Earth Day, why not make a charitable contribution to a group that does good for the planet? You can check out Charity Navigator’s picks for the top environmental organizations here


May 4: Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you… get it? Celebrate your inner Star Wars nerd by jumping on board the Yoda meme train that’s sure to hit social media today. 


May 6: National Nurses Day

Image by Yerson Retamal

Our nurses deserve recognition now more than ever. Give a sincere shoutout to the nurses in your audience, perhaps with a discount or freebie for healthcare workers to sweeten the deal.


June 4: National Donut Day

It’s an age-old debate: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme? Pose the question to your followers or invite them to vote on their favorite flavor of the fried treat in a fun social media poll. 


June 19: Juneteenth

Dating back to 1865, Juneteenth is the oldest national celebration of the end of slavery in the United States. Officially commemorate it to help bring awareness to the important date. 


July 17: World Emoji Day

Emojis have become a language all their own. Post a riddle using only emojis, then invite your followers to decode what it says and guess the answer. 


July 24: Tell An Old Joke Day

Sometimes the cheesiest punch lines are the best ones. Tap your staff to contribute short video clips of their tried-and-true jokes, then share a compilation on Instagram or TikTok. 


August 8: International Cat Day

Why should dogs get all the social media love? One in four U.S. households owns a cat, so take the opportunity to build a connection with your feline-loving followers by recognizing their furry family members. 


August 26: International Dog Day

border collie bubble

Photo by Katrin B.

Perhaps the most-loved non-holiday holiday of all! Go beyond cute puppy pictures and build goodwill for your brand by making a charitable contribution to a group like your local Humane Society or the ASPCA. 


September 11: 20th Anniversary of September 11 Attacks

This year marks a major milestone on what’s already a somber day for Americans. Share a sincere remembrance for the lives lost or help inform your followers about ways they can support first responders in their communities. 


September 29: National Coffee Day

What better way to celebrate this essential beverage than by treating a few lucky customers to a cup of their favorite joe? Surprise randomly selected audience members with a virtual gift card for $5 to a favorite coffee spot. 


October 10: World Mental Health Day

Mental health has assumed a growing place in the national conversation, and for good reason. Help break down stigmas by sharing helpful mental health resources, like those from the National Institutes of Health


October 30: Checklist Day

We all know someone who lives and dies by their to-do list. Give followers a peek inside your day-to-day operations by sharing what’s on your checklist today. 


November 16: Entrepreneur’s Day
If you’re a small business, today is your time to shine. Send your subscribers a heartfelt email explaining what you love about being an entrepreneur and why their business means so much to you.  


December 4: National Cookie Day

Chocolate chip, macadamia nut or the good old-fashioned sugar cookie–our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Tempt your followers by sharing your favorite cookie recipe. Bonus points if you make a batch or two to share!

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