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Feb 22, 2022

Why You’re Experiencing Low Website Traffic, and What to Do About It

Fixing low website traffic can be tricky, but using these strategies can help you go from a low traffic website to a highly trafficked page.

As your online retail shop grows, you may find that you’re having trouble building your website traffic. Website traffic can be tricky at times, but for most businesses, the same issues arise when low traffic is starting to become an issue. In this article we’ll cover why your business may be experiencing low website traffic, and what you can do to fix it.

The Reasons for Low Website Traffic

When it comes to running a business, everything comes down to strategy. This is true when it comes to website traffic, too. When your business experiencing low website traffic, there are a handful of strategies that to employ. The most common reasons for low website traffic are:

  • An email strategy that’s sporadic or unoptimized
  • Ineffective ad strategies
  • Little or no social media presence
  • SEO strategies that are ineffective

When you haven’t strategized these areas in your business plan, then low website traffic is probably going to be an issue. Thankfully, there are ways to fix these issues and improve your website’s traffic.

Improving Low Website Traffic: Strategies That Work

If you want to improve your website’s traffic, you have to use strategies that are going to work. Below, we’ve outlined four strategies to help you combat the biggest issues when it comes to low website traffic.

Strategy 1: Email Marketing

Believe it or not, email marketing strategies are some of the most effective ways to boost your website’s traffic. Email marketing isn’t just making an email list, though that’s a big part of it. When it comes to boosting low website traffic, it’s all about how you optimize your email marketing strategies.

One of the best ways to get email subscribers to visit your website is through segmentation. When you segment your email list, you send specific messages or offers to users who will
actually open them. Email list segmentation breaks your email list into further subcategories and helps you send the right emails at the right time to the right subscribers.

Timing is also key when it comes to email marketing strategies. This is important when it comes to the frequency of your emails, as well as the actual time that you’re sending the email. You want to strike a balance. Don’t pester customers with too many emails, but don’t send too few, either. And make sure that your emails are sent at the right time for your customer segment. Some popular times are before work, after work, or on lunch breaks. For best results, test different days and times to see what works best for your audience. This will increase engagement.

Strategy 2: Ad Placement and Strategies

The internet is full of different ways to advertise your business. Often, well-placed ads are going to help you dramatically increase your website’s traffic. You may be asking, though – “What is a well-placed advertisement?”

A well-placed advertisement is an advertisement that’s going to be viewed by your potential customers. Ads that are placed well are going to help boost website traffic, as well as revenue. Before you begin placing ads, you should try to find out where your customers are spending their time online. Are they on social media platforms? Or are they spending time on specialty forums and YouTube? This will help you place your ads more effectively.

There are also a number of different strategies that you can use in your ads. Try to hone in on what’s going to spark your potential customers. Do they want a discount? Or are they looking for unique information? Design your ads to spark as much interest as possible to drive your customers back to your site.

Strategy 3: Social Media Presence

In today’s world, most of your customer base is going to be using some form of social media. As a business, it’s important to use social media as a jumping-off point for your website. This is a great way to see a dramatic improvement in your website’s traffic. Now, this may seem like it’s directed at creating social media ads. That’s only part of it, but it’s not what we want to talk about here.

Social media is a place for you to directly engage with your customer base. It’s important to improve engagement on social media and grow your following. As you do so, more people are going to be inclined to visit your website organically. Increase your presence through engagement by doing things like:

  • Creating polls about new product offerings
  • Interacting with your social media followers
  • Taking the time to make videos about your products or services
  • Joining groups that have potential customers and engaging with them 

When you improve social media presence, you’ll surely see a boost in your website’s traffic.

Strategy 4: SEO Strategies

When you’re looking at the best ways to market your business, you’ll often hear the term SEO tossed around. SEO, or search engine optimization, helps your website rank on search engines, like Google. SEO strategies may seem like the most effective way to improve low website traffic, but you might be surprised.  It’s a core strategy, but all of the strategies listed above are a quicker way to improve traffic.

SEO relies heavily on keyword usage, as well as content creation. When you’re running a small business online, SEO is a long game. You’ll have to start implementing it from the very beginning and keep up with it as time goes on. As such, SEO is not always the best option for improving website traffic right away. In fact, in most cases, it should be an always-on, long-term strategy, while other strategies are used to boost traffic in the meantime.

Fix Low Website Traffic with Springbot

If you’re looking for ways to improve your website’s traffic, be sure to get in touch with us here at Springbot. We offer email marketing and paid advertising strategies that are guaranteed to improve your website’s traffic. If you feel like your website is underperforming, we can help you get out of that rut.

If you’d like to try our platform out for free, sign up for a 14-day trial here. Or schedule a walkthrough of the platform with one of our eCommerce experts here.


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