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best practice for email subject lines

Jul 26, 2023

Rekindle Lost Customer Relationships with Winback Email Subject Lines

Rekindle lost customer relationships with winning Winback Subject Lines. Explore 100 different email subject lines to craft the perfect win-back campaign.

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Today, we're diving into the art of crafting engaging win back campaign subject lines. 

If you're wondering what a winback email is, let's start there. 

Winback emails are specialized messages designed to re-engage customers who've drifted away. 

One of the most crucial parts of this email? 

The subject line.

Best Practices for Crafting Customer Winback Subject Lines


Crafting winback campaign subject lines is a blend of art and science - well, data. 

It requires an understanding of your audience, the timing, and the message you want to convey. 

Here are some essential practices to consider.

Understand Your Audience

Before crafting a subject line, it's crucial to understand your audience - their preferences, behavior, and what triggers their actions. 

Research their demographic information, previous buying behaviors, and any previous feedback they've given. Use this information to tailor your subject line to their interests, needs, and wants.

Personalization is Key

Use your customer's name or a specific detail about their last interaction with your brand. Personalization can dramatically increase open rates by making the email more relevant to the reader. 

For example, "Missed your gaming spirit, John?" or "Sarah, your favorite book genre just got a new addition!"

Create a Sense of Urgency

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is a powerful motivator. Subject lines that convey a sense of urgency or scarcity typically see higher open rates. 

Phrases like "Limited time offer," "Hurry, before it's gone," or "Last chance to grab your discount" can incentivize subscribers to open your email sooner rather than later.

Be Clear and Direct

Your subject line should quickly convey the email's purpose. Subscribers should immediately understand why you're reaching out. 

For example, "We miss you; here's 15% off your next order!" gets straight to the point. Avoid being too clever or ambiguous, as it might confuse your subscribers.

Test, Measure, and Adjust


The most effective subject lines are born from testing. Always A/B test different versions of your subject lines to see which ones perform better. 

Measure the open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate for each version, and use this data to refine your approach.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Subject lines should ideally be around 50-60 characters long. You want to ensure your entire subject line is visible in most email inboxes. 

However, don't compromise clarity and context for brevity.

Use Power Words

Power words are persuasive words that trigger an emotional or psychological response. 

They can make your subject lines more enticing and compelling. Consider this list of Power Words to amplify your message.

  • Instantly: This word suggests immediate gratification, which is very appealing.
  • Discover: It piques curiosity, suggesting there is something new and unknown to be found.
  • Unlock: It implies there is something valuable that the reader can access.
  • Proven: This word gives a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Save: Everyone wants to save something, whether it's time or money.
  • Guarantee: This word reduces perceived risk, making people feel more secure.
  • Premium: It suggests high quality.
  • Easy: This word suggests that no extra effort is required.
  • Limited: It implies scarcity, which can prompt a sense of urgency.
  • Sneak Peek: This phrase suggests exclusive access to information.
  • Boost: A powerful word that suggests improvement.
  • Elite: This word makes your readers feel special and exclusive.
  • Reward: Everyone likes to be rewarded; it suggests a benefit for the reader.
  • Results: This word is particularly effective because it promises an outcome.
  • Thank you: Expressing gratitude can build a connection with your audience.
  • You/Your: These words personalize your message and make it more relevant to the reader.
    The power of these words lies in their ability to evoke emotions and trigger action. 

    However, they should be used strategically and sparingly. Overuse can lead to the words losing their impact, and can even make your emails seem spammy or insincere.

Ask Questions

Asking a question in your subject line can effectively engage your subscribers and pique their curiosity. 

For example, "Ready for your next adventure, Anna?" or "Missed our new line of products, Mark?"

100 Customer Winback Email Subject Lines for Better Open Rates

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For Retail Customers

  • We've Missed You! Enjoy 20% Off On Your Next Purchase
  • Your Shopping Cart Misses You - Here's a Little Gift!
  • Hey [Name], Can We Win You Back with this Special Offer?
  • Shop 'Til You Drop, [Name] - Exclusive Discount Inside!
  • [Name], Don't Miss Out On The Latest Styles - Enjoy Your Special Discount!
  • Back By Popular Demand, [Name] - Your Favorite Items On Sale Now!
  • Unwrap Happiness, [Name] - Exclusive Offer Just For You!
  • Fashion Starts Here, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Discount!
  • Step Up Your Style Game, [Name] - Here's Your Special Offer!
  • Treat Yourself, [Name] - You've Earned This Special Discount!

For Subscription-based Services

  • Last Chance to Reactivate Your Subscription, [Name]!
  • We Want You Back: Here’s a Special Discount Just for You!
  • [Name], Your Subscription Awaits with a 30% Discount!
  • We Miss Your Curiosity, [Name] - Rejoin With A Special Discount!
  • [Name], Dive Back Into Learning With Our Exclusive Offer!
  • Unlock New Adventures, [Name] - Here's Your Special Discount!
  • Take Your Entertainment to the Next Level, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!
  • Reignite Your Passion, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • Welcome Back to the World of Knowledge, [Name] - Here's Your Discount!
  • [Name], Ready for Your Next Binge-Watch? Special Discount Inside!

For Software or App Users

  • We've Improved - Give Us Another Try, [Name]!
  • Missed Us, [Name]? Check Out Our New Features
  • Winning You Back with Exciting Updates, [Name]!
  • Rev Up Your Productivity, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • [Name], Supercharge Your Work With Our Exclusive Discount!
  • Maximize Your Efficiency, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!
  • Hello, [Name] - Your Favorite Features Miss You. Check Our Special Offer!
  • Streamline Your Workflow, [Name] - Here's Your Special Discount!
  • Upgrade Your User Experience, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • [Name], Unlock New Possibilities with Our Exclusive Discount!

For B2B Customers

  • Let's Start Fresh, [Company Name]: Exclusive B2B Offers Inside
  • Our Latest Upgrades Are Tailored for [Company Name]!
  • [Company Name], We're Better Now - Let's Reconnect
  • Boost Your Business Growth, [Name] - Here's Your Special Offer!
  • [Name], Skyrocket Your ROI With Our Exclusive Discount!
  • Drive Better Results, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!
  • Transform Your Operations, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • Optimize Your Business Performance, [Name] - Exclusive Discount Inside!
  • [Name], Reimagine Your Business with Our Special Offer!
  • Welcome Back to Success, [Name] - Enjoy Our Exclusive Discount!

For B2C Customers

  • Long Time, No See, [Name] - We've Missed You!
  • Guess What's Back, [Name]? Your Favourite Product and a Special Discount!
  • [Name], Your Shopping Cart Misses You - Here's a Special Offer!
  • It's Been a While, [Name] - Enjoy this Exclusive Discount on Us!
  • We're Better Together, [Name] - Come Back for a Special Deal!
  • Hello, [Name] - Ready for a Treat? Your Special Discount Awaits!
  • [Name], Your Exclusive Discount Expires Soon - Don't Miss Out!
  • We Saved You a Seat, [Name] - And a Special Discount Too!
  • Rekindle the Magic, [Name] - Check Out Your Special Offer Inside!
  • [Name], Let's Catch Up - Over a Great Deal, On Us!

For eCommerce Food & Delivery

  • Missing Our Spicy Tacos, [Name]? Here's a Coupon!
  • [Name], Craving Your Favorite Pizza? Get 20% Off on Your Next Order!
  • Your Table Awaits, [Name] - Come Back for a Special Discount!
  • Long Time, No Taste, [Name] - Enjoy a Meal on Us!
  • [Name], Your Favorite Dish Misses You - Here's a Treat!
  • Delicious Deal Just for You, [Name] - Your Favorite Restaurant Misses You!
  • Satisfy Your Cravings, [Name] - Come Back for a Complimentary Dessert!
  • [Name], It's Time for a Flavorful Reunion - Here's Your Discount!
  • A Culinary Surprise for You, [Name] - We're Serving a Special Discount!
  • Ready for a Second Serving, [Name]? Get a Special Discount on Your Next Visit!

For Medical Practices

  • Your Health is Our Priority, [Name] - Schedule Your Checkup Today!
  • [Name], It's Time for Your Annual Health Check - Book Now!
  • Long Time, No See, [Name] - Let's Keep You Healthy!
  • [Name], Your Wellness Journey Awaits - Book Your Appointment Today!"
  • Prioritize Your Health, [Name] - Let's Schedule Your Next Visit!
  • Health Check Reminder, [Name] - Keep On Top of Your Wellness!
  • Hello, [Name] - Stay Fit, Stay Healthy with Our Special Health Package!
  • Your Wellness Matters, [Name] - Time for Your Health Screening!
  • [Name], Let's Take a Step Towards Better Health - Book Your Consultation Today!
  • Missed Your Last Appointment, [Name]? Let's Reschedule for Your Wellness!

For Pet Owners (Pet Stores/Veterinary Clinics)

  • [Name], We Miss Your Furry Friend, [Pet Name] - Here's a Special Offer!
  • [Pet Name] Deserves a Treat - Special Discount Inside, [Name]!
  • Pamper [Pet Name] with Our Exclusive Discount, [Name]!
  • A Paw-some Offer for [Pet Name] - Come Back to Us!
  • Fetch This Great Deal, [Name] - [Pet Name] Will Thank You!
  • Treat [Pet Name] and Your Wallet, [Name] - Special Offer Inside!
  • For the Love of Pets - [Name], Here's Your Special Discount!
  • [Name], It's Time to Spoil [Pet Name] - Exclusive Offer Inside!
  • [Pet’s Name] Favorite Store Misses You, [Name] - Here's a Discount!
  • We're Pet-ting On You, [Name] - Enjoy Your Special Offer!

For Passionate Readers (Bookstores/Libraries)

  • [Name], Your Next Favorite Book Awaits - With A Discount!
  • Welcome Back to Our Shelves, [Name] - Here's a Special Offer!
  • Missed Our Stories, [Name]? Get 20% Off Your Next Purchase!
  • Dive Back into a Good Book - Special Discount for You, [Name]!
  • Escape into a Story - [Name], We Have a Special Offer for You!
  • Get Lost in Our Pages Again, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!
  • Calling All Bookworms! [Name], Your Next Read is on Us!
  • Rekindle Your Love for Reading, [Name] - Here's a Special Offer!
  • [Name], It's Time to Turn the Page - Enjoy Your Discount!
  • Unfold New Stories with Us, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!

For Fitness Enthusiasts (Gyms/Fitness Centers)

  • Missed Your Workouts, [Name]? Let's Get Back on Track!
  • Unleash Your Strength - Special Offer Inside, [Name]!
  • Sweat, Smile, Repeat: Your Membership Awaits, [Name]!
  • "Back To Basics: Revive Your Fitness Journey With Us, [Name]
  • "[Name], Remember Your Fitness Goals? We Can Help!
  • Get Back In The Game With a Special Offer, [Name]!
  • Get Fit, Not Regrets - Come Back To Us, [Name]!
  • [Name], Let's Get Back To Building Your Best Self!
  • Hey [Name], We Miss Your Energy - Here's A Special Offer!
  • Reignite Your Fitness Journey with Exclusive Discounts, [Name]!

For Finance and Insurance

  • Let's Secure Your Future Together, [Name] - Special Offer Inside!
  • [Name], It's Time to Review Your Financial Plan - Let Us Help!
  • Ready to Grow Your Wealth, [Name]? Let's Start Today!
  • Your Path to Financial Freedom Starts Here, [Name] - Exclusive Offer Inside!
  • [Name], Get More from Your Money - Let's Review Your Investments!
  • Your Financial Goals Matter, [Name] - Let's Get You Back on Track!
  • Hello, [Name] - Is Your Family Protected? Let's Review Your Coverage!
  • [Name], Your Finances Miss You - Let's Reignite Your Financial Plan!
  • Welcome Back to Financial Growth, [Name] - Exclusive Discount Inside!
  • Ready to Boost Your Savings, [Name]? Here's a Special Offer Just for You!

For Non-Profits

  • [Name], Make a Difference Today - Your Contribution Counts!
  • Every Action Matters, [Name] - Join Us Again in Making a Change!
  • We Miss Your Generosity, [Name] - See the Impact of Your Donation!
  • Together, We Can Change the World, [Name] - Join Us Again!
  • Ready to Create More Impact, [Name]? Let's Make a Difference Together!
  • Your Help Means a Lot, [Name] - Let's Continue the Journey!
  • [Name], Our Mission Needs You - Help Us Make a Change!
  • Your Kindness Can Create a Better World, [Name] - Rejoin Our Cause!
  • A Better Future Starts With You, [Name] - We Miss Your Support!
  • Hello, [Name] - Our Cause Misses You. Will You Join Us Again?

For Education

  • [Name], Unlock Your Learning Potential - Special Discount on Courses!
  • Ready to Learn Something New, [Name]? Let's Dive In!
  • Your Educational Journey Awaits, [Name] - Rejoin Now!
  • [Name], It's Time to Expand Your Knowledge - Special Offer Inside!
  • Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow, [Name] - Exclusive Discount on Courses!
  • Reignite Your Passion for Learning, [Name] - Special Discount Inside!"
  • Education is Power, [Name] - Your Special Offer Awaits!
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • [Name], It's Time to Take Your Skills to the Next Level!
  • Your Path to Success Starts Here, [Name] - Enjoy Our Exclusive Offer!

For Travel and Hospitality

  • Ready for Your Next Adventure, [Name]? Check Out Our Special Offer!
  • Pack Your Bags, [Name] - Your Travel Discount is Here!
  • Dreaming of Your Next Getaway, [Name]? Let's Make It Happen!
  • [Name], Your Next Vacation is Just a Click Away - Exclusive Discount Inside!
  • Break Free with Our Travel Deal, [Name] - Book Now!
  • Get Your Passport Ready, [Name] - Your Travel Voucher Awaits!
  • Adventure is Calling, [Name] - And So is Your Discount!
  • Your Ticket to Paradise Awaits, [Name] - Claim Your Special Offer Now!
  • [Name], It's Time to Explore Again - Your Special Discount Awaits!
  • Escape the Ordinary, [Name] - Your Travel Deal is Here!

For Sporting Events

  • Missed the Thrill, [Name]? Join Us for the Next Big Game!
  • Ready to Cheer Again, [Name]? Your Exclusive Discount is Here!
  • [Name], The Field Misses You - Score a Special Offer Today!
  • Get Back in the Game, [Name] - Your Ticket Discount Awaits!
  • Your Team Needs You, [Name] - Enjoy Our Special Offer!
  • Hello, [Name] - Are You Ready for the Next Match? Check Out Our Deal!
  • Cheer from the Stands Again, [Name] - Your Special Discount is Here!
  • Experience the Excitement Live, [Name] - Special Offer Inside!
  • [Name], Your Seat is Waiting - Grab Your Discounted Ticket Now!
  • It's Game Time, [Name] - Enjoy Our Exclusive Offer!

For Entertainment Seekers (Cinemas/Concert Venues)

  • The Show Must Go On, [Name] - Here's a Special Offer!
  • Missed the Big Screen, [Name]? We've Got You Covered!
  • Get Your Popcorn Ready - Discounts Inside, [Name]!
  • [Name], Ready For A Night To Remember? Come Back To Us!
  • Don't Miss Out On The Action - Special Offer Inside!
  • Experience The Magic Again, [Name] - With A Discount!
  • Curtains Up, Prices Down: Exclusive Offer for [Name]!
  • Back To The Silver Screen: Your Special Offer Awaits, [Name]!
  • [Name], Feel The Beat Again - Special Discounts Inside!
  • The Show's Not Over Yet, [Name] - Here's Your Special Pass!

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