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Using Email and messaging automation, Southern Baked Pies was able to drive shoppers to their site, seamlessly connect with them and see more sales. Learn more about how they did it below.

“There was definitely some uncertainty around how the retail industry was going to be impacted by the pandemic. We made some changes to our marketing strategy and felt confident that we could execute on them with the support of Springbot. Thanks to a huge boost from their email and automations, we not only hit our marks but really exceeded the goals we set for ourselves.” – Amanda Wilbanks, Owner

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Digital Ads



Result 1

Yearly revenue increase through email

Result 2

Yearly revenue increase through automations

The Brand

In 2012, Amanda Wilbanks founded Southern Baked Pie in Gainesville, GA. Armed with family recipes, all-butter pie crusts and southern hospitality, she grew the business into four stores, a catering service and an eCommerce site that puts the brand’s amazing baked goods in homes, events and offices
all over America.

Project execution

Southern Baked Pie increased their digital marketing across the board -  more emails and segmentation paired with more automated marketing messages.

Project results

With every optimization, Southern Baked Pie saw increased success. Through constant segmentation, the team was able to stay personal with their subscribers resulting in more purchases. Leveraging automations, the team was able to take a little off their plate while still driving more revenue through email. Pair these marketing actions with Southern Baked Pie’s amazing line of products, and shoppers were clearly enthusiastic that they could still receive the brand’s delicious baked goods during a time when folks were hesitant to leave their homes.

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